Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The most expensive domain names ever

It's very much obvious that domain name of your website is an important thing that motivates or propels your business. Imaging having an uber cool domain name, that is very much general yet having a strong impact.
And maybe that is why maybe "" dropped the "the" from their name to make it "" as it more handy though the previous one still works.

I'll start with no 13.


Sold for: $4.5 Million
Year: 2011
No points for guessing.YES! It belongs to Apple. Earlier it belonged to sweden based hybric cloud computing company Xcerion and apple bought it in April 2011.


Sold for: $5.1 Million
Year: 2009
This was bought by famous toy giant Toy RU after a long bid with National A-1 Advertisement company.


Sold for: $5.5 Million
Year: 2003
Where there is money, there are spenders. This is an online gambling website.


Sold for: $5.88 Million
Year: 2008
Now trust me, this dint excite me much. And as strange as the name of domain, even stranger is that it was bought by someone anonymously. And even strange that it still points nowhere.


Sold for: $7 Million
Year: 2004
Now that'something that you always give a higher spot and its quite high in this list too. Purchased by Thought Convergence,this is one of the coolest purchases ever.


Sold for: $7.5 Million
Year: 2006
Ladies! Are you listening. Someone was willing to pay this whooping amount for this domain just because of your craze. And that guy must be a total optimist who was sure to recover his expenses.


Sold for: $7.5 Million
Year: 1999
I personally consider as one of the most handy domain name, just nailed it. And this gigantic amount was paid way back in 1999. Expensive by that time!!


Sold for: $8.5 Million
Year: 2010 was purchased by mere $200,000 in 2005. You can well imagine how much they earned by 2010 to spend this much on a domain.


Sold for: $9.5 Million
Year: 2007
The most notorious in the list, it was purchased by investment firm MXN Limited.


Sold for: $9.99 Million
Year: 2008
This purchase set the record in 2008. Obviously its broken now, as we have 3 more on the list.


Sold for: $13 Million
Year: 2010
"The word Sex sells". Hence Proved!


Sold for: $16 Million
Year: 2009
The online marketing giant QuinStreet’s purchased this at a staggering amount. The same company also bough in 2009.


Sold for: $30 Million
Year: 2012
As expensive it is to have a private jet, this domain name is a tough competition there. Bought by National Luxury transport, this domain name will expire Aug 6,2016. So expensive, and still expire!!!! Hail the buyers!

As they say, records are meant to be broken. 

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