Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to create custom RUN commands

I am very "keyboard" friendly. Given an option to do a task using keyboard or a mouse, i'll prefer the former.
And that is why, this post happened. I found a very nice and clean way to create my own custom RUN commands.

Few handy Run commands that i assume will be known to all of you are notepad,mspaint,winword,powerpnt or opening your drive using C: or D: etc in the RUN box.

But what if i want to define my own command. Here is a way to do this!

1) Right click on the desktop and create a new shortcut. The following window will appear.

2) Browse for the .exe file that you want to create the shortcut for. I created shortcut for photoshop by 
    selecting "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Photoshop.exe"

3) Click next and it will prompt you to enter shortcut name. I typed "ps" for photoshop and clicked finish.

4) A shortcut will be created right there on your desktop . Now copy the shortcut file to C:\Windows .
    You can remove the shortcut on the desktop.

5) Now all you have to do is go to Run and type "ps" and Photoshop is all yours.

Happy reading!



  1. If i have a shortcut for a folder. can i open its subfolder using same shortcut with some parameter?

    1. The shortcut of a folder will itself be a folder. So you cannot pass arguments with it.


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