Monday, December 26, 2011

What does "Search" means for Google

"Google Search" is probably the most popular thing by google. And well , now there's a whole empire build around this "Search Engine" company.

And now i am here to share two interesting things about what really Search means for Google.

First one is Google SMS Search. In order to expand the usability of the search engine, Google SMS search is probably a very handy stuff. All you have to do is write a query and SMS to 977-33-00000 and google will send you the result by SMS.

As this is a service for India (Mumbai), hence there are only nominal SMS charges. You can check the weather, hotels, multiplexes and the most importantly you can check the Railway PNR status by sending the PNR number. Cool , isn't it?

Now the second aspect of Google "Search". This one is funnier than the earlier one.
Just go to "" (read and type the word "Search" and hit "i'm feeling lucky" and you will be surprised to see the result.

Happy reading!!!

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