Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The first female at facebook was an indian

"It was difficult to break into boy's club" is what this girl Ruchi Sanghvi says about her journey at Facebook. Revered for being the first female to be hired into Silicon valley's most celebrated startup , Ruchi Sanghvi has more feathers in her hat. She has been a Software Engineer in Real Time Communication Group at Oracle and has also co-founded Cove.

Currently working as VP Operations at Dropbox, she once mentioned in an interview with BBC that "The culture at Facebook, was something of a change. Programmers came to work in their pajamas, working in an office with walls covered in graffiti, located above a Chinese food place that stank up the whole building. It was also difficult to break into the boys’ club."

Daughter to a businessman father who owned an engineering company supplying equipments for industrial projects and who always mentioned engineering as a boy's field has been the major motivation for her and she wanted to prove him wrong. She has played a key role in some major projects at facebook like the News Feed and also led product management and strategy for facebook platform and facebook connect.


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