Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Turning them on- Samsung vs Apple

In response to a lawsuit filed by Apple which says that Samsung devices are so similar that a consumer can mistake them for an Apple product, Samsung chose to clarify by turning on 3 device-2 phones and a tablet to show that Samsung devices are different from the moment they are turned on. Unlike the Apple devices which turn on showing the metallic bitten-apple logo, the Samsung Android series devices splashed with their logo followed by a robotic "Droid" animation.

Later Samsung pointed out that there are a number of steps to be followed before reaching the home screen to see the icons, something that again Apple had accused Samsung of copying. So, in no way they could be accused of being similar to Apple.

Its really surprising to hear the people can mistake a Samsung with Apple, or who buys a device without seeing the packaging or manufacturer. Though there were some cases of people returning Samsung Tablets mistaking them for ipads.

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