Thursday, August 16, 2012

Facebook- Anytime anywhere with Fonetwish

You would have often wished for access to facebook without having a gprs connection. Or even sometime, you wish to use fb when balance is low or gprs is not established. For all such peeps out there,Faceboook collaborated with Fonetwish to provide free access to facebook and that too without internet.

Time to raise the curtains..
All you have to do is:
1) Dial *325# or *fbk# from your cellphone ( from a simple Nokia 3100 to smartphones like a Blackberry and an IPhone as the company describes it)and wait for confirmation message.
2) Provide your login details and you are on.

Cost??? Updating a status is totally free. For posting on walls,see notifications or add friends, you need to have a premium plan. And before you are concerned about the charges of this premium plan, let me clarify thats its as cheap as Re 1/day.

Its currently operating in India and Indonesia and service providers like Airtel, Aircel,Tata Docomo ,Idea,XLcom,Telkomsel already support it.


  1. Best thing is it will also work on the most basic phones. Maybe even on black and white nokia phone :)

  2. Facebook finally finds a potential plan to squeeze money from mobile domain...keep it up fb...

  3. Exactly..As the fb craze is catching more n more even in smaller cities, folks with even nokia 1100 will play around with this :)

  4. Now this is something truly amazing.. Fb is getting stronger with such facilities.. And this blog is worth a read..Thanks.. Keep up the good work! :)


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