Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to lock a folder without any tool

I have lot many personal things in my laptop. And i guess,everybody has. And time and again, i need to hide it from others. But just hiding the folder does not work as everybody knows how to reveal it. 
So i am here with a cool hack for this. Try it out!

1) Make a folder , say personal as C:\personal.

2) Go to command prompt and type "attrib +s +h C:\personal' and hit enter.

3) And whoop!! the folder is gone. It can't even be seen if you show the hidden folders.

4) To get back the folder, just type "attrib -s -h C:\personal" and its back.

You can try it on any location. In case your folder does not disappear, do refresh your window.

Enjoy! Happy reading!


  1. I can see the folder by enabling 'Show hidden folders' option. :(

  2. I tried it both on windows 7 and XP and both in C and D drives. It works perfectly for me. I have show hidden folders option activated.

  3. Do refresh your window after hiding and de-hiding your folder. It should work fine


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