Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Google Lookalikes but unlike google

"Looks can be deceptive".
                                  They may look like your best online friend and all time personal assistant Google, but beware! They are altogether different.
Here is a list of some URL's that your eye may not be able to catch in the first go. But surely, it hell lot of fun!

All you have to do is make a Google search and select the first link that follows. Or maybe you can use the "I am feeling lucky" to directly open the first link.

Check it out!

1)  Google Sphere
     Go to the first link and view it for yourself. Search "Google Sphere".

2) Google Vanish
     A trick for naive users. Just follow the link Google Vanish . Place your hand on the 'oo's of Google. Click
     anywhere on the page and wait for few seconds and remove your hand to view the trick.
     "A trick is no trick till you bring back the lost thing".
      So click again to bring back the two balls.
     Double click anywhere on the page to go the "REAL" Google.
    A nice trick to fool your noob friends but definitely not for the pro's. :)

3) Google Reverse
     See it for yourself. Just follow this link and make a Google Search. Do click on the Search button instead
     of hitting enter. Google Reverse

4) Google Epic
     Just like the title of an Epic movie slowly zooms out, check out this Epic lookalike. Google Epic

5) Google Loco
     This is a bungee jumping lookalike of Google . Its kinda sweet Google Loco

6) Google Pacman
     Play this legacy computer game right on your Google homepage Google Pacman

7) Your Own Google
     You can create your personalized Google Search Engine. And not just Google, you can create Yahoo and
       many more My Google

8) Google Chuck Norris / Google Rajnikanth
    American Martial arts master Chuck Norris and Indian Superhero Rajnikanth seem to have similar effect
    not only on villians but also on the best search engine. Just search for "Google Chuck norris" or "Google
    Rajnikanth" and follow the first link.
9) Google Rainbow
    The multicolor Avatar of Google. Search for "Google Rainbow" and click "I am feeling lucky"

10) Google Gravity
     Newton discovered gravity and its not just physical objects that are falling to the earth. Gravity forgives
     no one and google is no exception. Follow the first link on searching "Google gravity"

And here's the icing on the cake...
Most of these Google Lookalikes give "CORRECT SEARCH RESULTS".
Have fun folks!!!


  1. Dis is realy gud.. N one more is there.. Google sky.. Try that out as wel..

  2. thanks for the info..Got to see google sky and google moon too..plus google mars which is till in google labs :)thanks..

  3. zeal_2_get_ignitedDecember 9, 2011 at 1:08 AM

    Another one is Simply Google..it is actually the de-googlized version of it.. Try it out..:-)


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