Thursday, November 24, 2011

Have you ever visited

"Facebook me"- i heard these two words became very popular during the time when Facebook was still in gestation. Or maybe i should say, i heard about this in "The Social Network".
Interestingly, became which later turned to and now there is an even smaller version, . And trust me, it sounds voguish.
Maybe or maybe not, the "Facebook me" thing is the inspiration behind . And this is a fast catching trend with website titans coming to join the brigade of shorter URL.

So, its time to spill the beans now. Well, this new trend is called URL shortening and there are many services which provide shorter,clean and suave URL's for your website.

The reason behind this trend is being attributed to messaging services ,probably twitter or maybe SMS which have limited characters for a message. So if you are to send someone a URL for,say, you google+ profile, then most of the messaging space is occupied by the URL itself leaving lesser space for the message. 

So here this short and sweet URL can be very useful. And that is why many URL shortening service providers are coming up, the most popular names being, and .

And when so many services are coming up, then how can the gigantic GOOGLE lag behind. So Google also has its URL shortening service at . And moreover they also provide you another facility to shorten you Google+ profile URL at . Sounds interesting!

So that is how became , became , became, became , being called as , just to mention a few names.

So guys , go ahead and search for a short URL of your social profiles or websites. May be you too hit upon an uber cool URL.

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