Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3 features- why they exist or do not exist

  • Every mailbox or social networking site has "Sign Out" button on the top of the page. But in Gmail, Facebook and Google Plus, signing out is a two click process. First Make a click for the dropdown and then click on Sign out. When Google changed this feature, many people could not even find out where the Sign out button is. I fail to understand why they made this change when its working perfectly fine on other google ventures like google books, orkut, google labs and so on.
  • Every website has a URL and when you go to that URL, the login page appears. But things are different with Google +. When you go to the URL plus.google.com, instead of showing the login page, you first have to click on a useless red button and then proceed. Any answers?,Google.
  • Facebook has given us so much freedom in choosing our friends,managing our privacy and connecting with the world. But till now, they haven't given a feature to delete multiple friends even when a large group of people are desperately waiting for this feature. It can be verified from "About 20,700,000" results that you get after searching "delete multiple friends in facebook". I am myself waiting for the feature or a useful script. Maybe Mr. Mark doesn't want us to lose contacts with our friends, err,and, not-friends too!
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