Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why did they make this- The most useless sites

Well, i am in a good mood. For i found yet another stupid thing to share with you guys.
Just think about the number of websites you visit regularly. Very few,i guess.
If i think for myself, then it would be gmail, google, wikipedia, blogger.....hmmm.. and maybe a few more..
So there are very few sites which are useful for you. But what about the majority of sites which are "USELESS".
So i am gonna share my favourite Useless-websites with you.
These websites can be demotivating, absurd, mysterious but USELESS for sure.
Here it is:

12) Do you have a Spacebar
      You are a guy sitting in your office or a young girl sitting in college computer lab, you have got nothing to
       do, Then this is the most useless thing you can do.

11) People Clock
      Imagine the situation discussed in the above point. You have nothing and you just want to see something
      unique which is ,though useless, but no harm in visiting. I actually liked this one.

10) Cats that look like hitler
       Who the hell wants to see pictures of cats that look like Hitler. Are you so free? Don't you have anything
        else to do?  #$@#$@#%*&! Folks see it for yourself.
09) Rock Paper Scissor
      I assume that most of you would have played RPS in kindergarten or seen your siblings playing this.
      Hell, they have a global society dedicated to this game.

08) F my life
      Most de-motivational site i've ever seen. Here people discuss about whats screwing their life and
      responsible for their woeful plight.If you can take it, take it.

07) Rotten
      The home of the worst looking pictures in the world. You may end up hating me put putting it here.
06) Dirty Sounding
      For all the people who like belittling others, this site contains a list of names which may sound obscene
      or vulgar ,the first time you hear them.
05) My pet gold fish
       As a kid, i always wished to have my own gold fish in a bowl. I guess many of you had the same dream.
       This site is dedicated to all those whose wish could not be true. All you have to do is ...a big NOTHING.
       Just open and keep looking at your gold fish.

04) Which is worse
       This is like a golden timepass for all you people who are still reading my most useless post.
        Just sit and click  

Now its time for showdown. The top 3 most useless websites.

03) Peeling Wall
       If looking at a wall turns you on or you have a personal interest in that, open this page and just keep
       looking at it to know how the wall peels off. I felt like whacking my head into the wall after watching this.

02) Useless account
      You sign up to gmail, FB or blogger by creating an account and later you use it regularly for an application
       and customize it. But what if if you know that after going on the homepage of a site,there is nothing else.
01) Purple
      My personal favourite and most useless site i have ever seen. And trust me, it the cleanliest webpage i
      have ever seen- no scratch ,no dot , no overlapping elements. Just pure cleanliness. You may turn red
      and blue after visiting this and may even start hating purple. Go  to homepage, you will see an FAQ link
      for a second.

My sincerest apologies if you visit all these pages. :)

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