Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some fun things to try.

1)Go to > type "do a barrel roll" > hit enter .. see what happens

2)Go to > type "" > Click on first link.. and enjoy

3)Go to > type "google gravity" > select first link and see what gravity can do

4)You cannot create a folder with name "con" on windows system. And not even by name "com1" , "com2" ,"nul" , "lpt1" , "lpt2"

5)Open MS-word and type "=rand (200, 99)" > hit enter > Try to find out the reason why it

6)Open a word document and type "Q33 NY" (the license plate of plane that hit the world
trade centre) > change font size to 48 > change font to "Windings1" > see what it shows

Some Google tricks here.

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