Sunday, November 27, 2011

What are you searching for??? india vs rest of the world

I saw a picture somewhere that showed the difference b/w the type of searches made on Google worldwide vs those made on Google India. What it showed was typing the word "removing" and see what google suggests through its intelli-search technique. But trust me ,it dint really work out well for me..

So i tried something on my behalf and again trust me, it's crazily different.

Let's the pictures to the talking. :)
Just as a pointer, The images on the left are from and right from ( as you can see from address bar)

We Indians are very patriotic people. Proud of that!!!!

But just see the difference of opinions!!! :) :)

Google is great. But i wonder if google can answers this!!!!

I once heard from a famous poet that in india,love is a subject for which we have only theory classes.
And well, it is true. That is why we are searching only for sms and quotes :)

But then i got to see that we have practical classes too.It was really shocking to see this!!???!!!!!

But soon the shock turned into surprise #$@!&(%$!##@!$$

And surprise turned into annoyance!!!!!

And later it took the shape of frustration!!!!

So it would be good to change the topic. I really wonder if those searches were made for real or for fun,or maybe by curious guys.. So no offences meant!!

And i'll leave the last two results for you to see that boys and girls are not really different throughout the world!

P.S - Not every post is meant to have a meaning. Some are just meant for a smile.
Happy reading!!

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