Thursday, November 10, 2011

Add life to your photoshop imagination with brush work

Helloz.. PS has always been the best hobby to me. And there's more to PS than just filters and effects.
Brush can add loads of creativity to your imagination.
Heres a list of best url's to download brushes from brusheezy , brushking ,  myphotoshopbrushes  or deviantart ..

Now how to add new brushes to your photoshop.
1) Open your flavor of PS.
2) Select brush tool and go to brushes dropdown.
3) Click on the small arrow that appears on the dropdown and select 'load brushes'.
4) Browse to select your brush and you are done. Enjoy!!

For ease, you should save your downloaded brushes in ProgramFiles\Adobe\AdobePhotoshop\presets\brushes.

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