Monday, November 14, 2011

Running linux on windows

Most of us have windows installed on our system and its become tougher to learn linux in that way. We usually go for intalling solaris or ubuntu or any other flavor of linux for that. But there is a way to run unix commands right in our command prompt in windows.
The tool's name is Cygwin which you can get from here.
You can install the latest version but i suggest you to download a little old version because it is more stable.
After installing ,all you need to do is copy the cygwin bin path and add it to environment varible 'Path'.
In my system,the path was C:\DevEnv\cygwin\1_5_18\bin which can be different as per your installation directory.
In this path , you can see that you have scripts like grep.exe,chmod.exe,chown.exe and so on which makes linux available in unix.

After that, just open your cmd and type a demo 'ls' command and you'll see linux working.

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