Sunday, August 26, 2012

The tech-companies with coolest perks

Working in the NCR region, what could be best facilities that the companies here could provide- hmmm, maybe a TT table, an inhouse gym, late night cab facilities etc. Here have a look at the global giants that give some of the coolest facilities for a technical company.

5) Buy whatever you need @ Asana

A startup by facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz alongwith Justin   rosenstein , Asana provides its employees a stipend of $10,000 to
make their working area their own and "buy whatever they need" as
 per their desire for their work area.

4) Zyngolidays @ Zynga

Zynga,  an interactive entertainment and social network service provider gives its employees some random holidays called Zyngolidays decided by CEO and executives. For eg: they gave 
 a full day off on 20th april this year.

3) Arcade gaming @ Kixeye

    The flash gaming company , Kixeye has set up arcade gaming counters in the office premises 
    for employees who want to take a break from work, every now and then.

2) Build your computer @ Dropbox

    An MIT student thought of creating a file hosting and cloud storage company after often 
    forgetting his USB flash drive during college days,and this 
    company Dropbox provides its employees a chance to build their own computers, and they also prize this kind of effort.

1) A hell lot of perks @ Google

Google gives so many perks that even the headline could not be a well suited one. And the list goes like, car washes, oil changes, massages, yoga, a play room, back-up child care assistance, 
 $12000 annual tuition reimbursements and the coolest one being the After life benefits in which if a Googler dies while employed, the surviving partner receives half the salary for next decade, all stocks vested immediately, and children of the daparted receiving $1000 a year,until they are 19, or 23 in case of full time education.

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