Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best sites you will love wasting time on

If you are getting bored, If have nothing to do and If the below image depicts your present condition, then read on.

Here is a collection of some great websites you will love to waste time on

5) Monoface
     This site can offer you so many opportunities to kill time. A bit kiddish but really interesting place.
     Check it Monoface

4) Strip Generator
      You must be very excited after reading the word "Strip" but it's comic strip that i am talking about.
       If you always loved cartooning but could not draw well, then this is an easy way out. A great place for creative minds.

   The  Strip Generator is here

3) Passive Aggressive Notes
     A site about some notes that people left and you maybe ROFL or LMAO after reading them. :)
     Read more notes Passive and Aggressive notes
2) Omegle
    Talking to total strangers fascinates you , then this is the place where you should be.
    P.S:  Don't blame me for some weird experiences that you may have
    Enjoy your time at Omegle

1) Cracked
      The daddy of all the timepass websites- Cracked is a US humor website with really nice and real content.

   For more websites fun , see the most weird websites
   Happy Reading!!!

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